The GateKeeper of Enmyoin is now available at the libraries below:


City University of NY, Hunter Collage, NY

Earlham University Library, IN

Duke University, NC

Kansas City Miller Nichols Library, MO

Moravian Collage, PA

New School University, NY

New York University, NY

Stanford University, CA

St. Lawrence University, NY

Temple University, PA

University of Denver, CO

University of Hawaii at Manoa Library, HI

University of Kansas, WATSON LIBRARY, KS

University of Michigan , MI

University of Missouri, MO

University of Washington, Media Center, WA



Ryukoku University, Kyoto, Japan

McGill University Library, Montreal, Canada

McPherson Library, Canada

University of Alberta Library, Canada

University of Victoria-British Columbia, Canada

Barr Smith Library, Australia

Macquarie University Library, Australia

Murdoch University Library, Australia

University of Adelaide Library, Australia

University of Melbourne, Australia

University of Otago, New Zealand